MOTOR/VESSEL MANANA ...As  humanitarians we will do just about anything interesting or exciting that won't get us arrested! The Coast Guard provides us with a great deal of excitement and sense of worth. One of our favorite tasks is marine / underwater archeology sites. We also have had a lot of fun on remote shoreline and island documentaries but in the past we have performed routine towing, salvage, and have conducted normal marine operations. Captmike is interested in activities that might enhance knowledge or help someone. We, for the most part, work for the Coast Guard when we can help. These shipyard pictures will let you see how well Manana is built. The hull and frames are 3/8 steel which is nicely overbuilt. This vessel has an extremely high utility value for its' size.



...Manana is an extremely strong, seaworthy vessel...


...View my little ship...

5 double beds, 2 heads, all electric galley, 41 KW primary generator, 35 KW secondary generator, 2 ton crane, Furuno 24 mile radar, 3604 - 36 mile Raytheon radar, Robinson autopilot, 2 Motorola-VHF-FM radios, Garmin 100 GPS and Garmin 120 GPS with GBR 21 differential, All frequency SEA-225 SSB radio, full spectrum HAM radio gear, 3 computers loaded with Captain navigation, captains log, weather fax, office, fax, WIN98 and XP pro.



...Captmike and his Manana...


...Towing a 440 ton houseboat at 5.6 knots…




USCG masters license

US Army (Retired)

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

General Amateur (HAM) License


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captmike went to war as a kid and still looks for the lady that saved his life


captmike proudly wears the uniform of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. See what we do!


captmike coordinates the movement of the aircraft carrier USS Cabot from New Orleans to Port Isabel then Port Isabel to Brownsville


captmike works undercover (matter of National Security, classified secret) for the US government to stop the invasion of the island country of Dominica by the Klu Klux Klan and Nazis



...A very seaworthy little ship...


...Manana towing a disabled (by engine room fire) 53 foot sport-fisherman from its' dock in Venice Louisiana to the shipyard for the insurance company.


...Manana standing by to tow a vessel that was floated off of sheetpile by airbags. This boat hit the sheetpile and caused a 4 foot hole in the bow below the waterline. It did not take on any water because it was hung up on top of the obstruction. We gave support to the salvor and towed it to the shipyard air bags and all.



...Manana is ready to help the public via the Coast Guard…


Manana is a very seaworthy 55 foot, 53 ton heavy steel trawler shaped hull. We have been all over the Gulf of Mexico, East coast of the United States and most of the Caribbean (Cuba, the Yucatan, Belize, the Keys, Bahamas, etc.) a lot of it towing something larger than us. Our favorite thing in life was underwater archeological expeditions. We can remain on scene for quite a few days / weeks depending on power requirements.



If you are interested in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, which is a civilian volunteer organization click here:

US Coast Guard Auxiliary


or contact me.


Captain Mike Howell
M/V Manana
401 North Roadway Drive
New Orleans, Louisiana 70124
Phone (504) 282-6865



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